Renowned for service, warehousing, logistics and financial solutions. Channel Power expertly deliver a highly valued part of the supply chain for both clients and manufacturers alike.


We offer full stock & logistic services. Shipping, clearing and delivery from famous brand suppliers. Whichever way it’s wanted; land, sea or air, Channel’s logistics managers bring it hassle free to your door.

Procurement & Finance

Taking the headache out your power project, we can handle most internationally sourced project procurement packages, expertly complimented by our logistic and financial services.

Maintenance & Extensions

Our maintenance and system extension services provide full servicing, spares and expansion of electrical switchgear and systems. Whether it’s obsolete, old, or new. We take care of it.

Energy Management

Condition Monitoring, Metering, Testing and Energy Management. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), are all here to help manage your system product and energy.

Storage & Warehousing

Our warehousing services store, consolidate and protect your power products, easing planning and project management. Bonded warehouse facilities provide a solution for duty exempt power infrastructure contracts.


Product training and familiarisation for all our range of electrical products and systems can be readily provided at both local in-house, and overseas dedicated training facilities.